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EBC SV Severe Duty Sintered Metal Brake Pads

If you want durability … this is the pad to use!

High density sintered copper alloy for longest possible life in utility applications on ATV, especially in wet, mud, dust, and dirt conditions.

You won’t find a longer lasting utility pad!

Designed primarily for ATV use in contaminated riding conditions the EBC SV series pads are a high density version of our successful "R series" pad blend.

Being higher in density these pads last longer than anything else in the EBC family and will stand up against any pad you can buy. They are also very low in rotor abrasion and will not damage your brake rotor.

If longest mileage and a pad that will last longer is your target buy, then SV Series is the choice to make.

Minimal rotor galling

Ideal for utility, mud and sand applications


$38.95 Regular Price
$27.27Sale Price
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